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Seaweed Fertilizers - Seawater is a natural fertilizer
Sea water is a natural fertilizer that is
almost identical in composition to human blood.

Sea Water’s Amazing Natural Fertilizer

Years ago, prominent agricultural scientist Dr. Maynard Murray wrote a best selling work called “Sea Energy Agriculture.” Dr. Murray was a true pioneer scientist when it comes to the development of seaponic farming and he has been lauded for his research on trace elements in sea solids and the benefits they have for agriculture.

During his research, Dr. Murray found that sea solids have the most balanced proportion of trace elements that are useful for agriculture of any other type of fertilizer. He has also determined that sea water is a natural fertilizer solution (no pun intended) as it is very similar in composition to human body fluids. Sea animals generally live longer than land mammals and Dr. Murray attributes this to the fact that sea solids and seawater are so nutritious, so full of trace minerals which are in a naturally balanced state. Sea animals are also more resistant than land animals to disease. They do not suffer from chronic ailments like arteriosclerosis and cancer. As an example to convince us of the longevity benefits that might be acquired by using sea based natural fertilizers, Dr. Murray refers to cancer in different trout species. Apparently, fresh water trout quite commonly die from liver cancer and there has never been a reported case of cancer among ocean trout.

Seawater and sea solids also both contain trace elements that are essential for human health but are toxic if delivered to us in high amounts. This is such a fascinating area of human health that Dr. Murray points out in “Sea Energy Agriculture” that more than fifty labs studying the effect of trace elements on human health have popped up since 1966. In 1966 there were only twelve such labs like this in existence.

Another interesting thing about the trace elements found in sea water is that they are extremely biofriendly to human bodies. They are organic as opposed inorganic. For instance, a stalk of celery contains the organic form of salt whereas table salt is inorganic. When sea minerals are used as natural fertilizers on garden fruits and vegetables any inorganic salts are turned immediately into highly useable trace minerals that can easily be assimilated by the human body.

Although the FDA only really defines the human body as needing 9 trace elements there are about 72 other trace elements in our bodies whose roles have not physiologically defined yet. Having as many of these trace elements in our bodies as possible is crucial to health. Sea water based natural fertilizers have all of these trace elements and ensure that our diets through the produce we eat are diversified and balanced. It is even said that heavy metals like gold, lead, cadmium and other elements, which are toxic in large inorganic amounts, may have specific helpful role to play physiologically if consumed in the right form and balance.

Yet another reason that the sea has become such a rich source of trace elements is because heavy rains that have existed as part of the earth’s weather for thousands of years has “rinsed” and leached most of the minerals that used to be in the land into coastal waters. Dr. Murray estimates in his book that about four billion tons of minerals along with the best quality trace elements have been rinsed from the land every day.

Trace elements are available to us in two different forms – the crystalloid form and the colloidal form. Crystalloid elements can be dissolved in liquid to cross over cell membranes and nourish tissues. Sea based fertilizers like the ones reviewed on this site are filled with crystalloid trace elements that are more easily absorbed by plants and animals.

Yet another quality of crystalloid elements is that they balance themselves out in a fluid state. Any excess of one trace element is removed by gravity. Trace elements in a colloidal state block the function other elements and the balance is disturbed. Elements on land are in this colloidal state and are much more difficult to be absorbed by living matter.

Farmers routinely change inaccessible colloidal trace elements into bioavialable crystalloid ones to by adding the four major minerals as fertilizers – Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and lime – to the soil. Unfortunately we are now experiencing a form of “bioblowback”. Though the yield of your garden may be good initially, over a period of time there will be a gradual decline in the soil as the accumulated minerals block the utilization of other vital elements. By the way, this type of process never happens in the sea, which is more able to renew itself.

Dr. Murray also concluded that sea solids are a fantastic source of trace elements and that they could help cure various diseases. He noted that the reason that individuals vary in the way they suffer from certain diseases is because some people have more trace elements in their diets. This may be because the nutrients obtained from land resources are not complete both in quality and quantity. If the cells of the body do not get all the trace elements they become susceptible to diseases.

Sea animals do not get sick in the same way land animas do because they get this ideal balance of trace elements in their sea plant consumption. Murray points out that he realizes that these are only theories at this time. He also points out that it is still a good idea to take advantage of the trace elements that sea plant fertilizer has to offer gardeners who wish to grow nutrient dense foods.

Dr Murray’s research may change the world forever once we run out of cheap chemical fertilizers and are forced to consider other growing options. In the meantime, growing your own fruits and vegetables with sea based natural fertilizers may well be a step that revolutionizes your garden and your life.

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