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Seaweed Fertilizers - Why You Need Seaweed Fertilizers In Your Garden.







Seaweed Fertilizer
When choosing a safe garden fertilizer,
seaweed is a proven winner!

Why You Need Seaweed Fertilizers In Your Garden

If you want to give your garden, flower bed or lawn a real boost without dousing it with toxic chemical or phosphate based fertilizers, then you might want to consider using a seaweed fertilizer. These fertilizers have become extremely popular over the past decade as more awareness is growing of just how much damage the production and use of chemical fertilizers is doing to the environment and to our bodies. Problems associated with the use of regular chemical fertilizers are many and include infertility, deformities, cancer, pest invasion, soil depletion, water pollution, air pollution and less nutritious produce. It also means that if you decide to use a sea weed fertilize, instead of the usual toxic kind, you are also doing your bit to prevent the poisoning of our planet.

Using seaweed as fertilizer is not a new thing. It is a method of inexpensive and nutritious soil fertilization that has been around for centuries. Seaweed fertilizers are rich in nutrients and plant hormones that plants love. These natural hormones and nutrients help your plants to grow faster and bigger and will increase the yield rate of fruit and flowers. You may also see an intensification of color in your blooms and grass blades if you opt to use a seaweed fertilizer. It is particularly nutritious for roses.

Usually a seaweed fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer that is safe enough to use anywhere. If you use it on your lawn, your pets and children can play on it shortly after treatment with no adverse effects.

Some seaweed products like ProtoGrow are also blended with fish emulsion. This
Seaweed Fertilizer - You may also see an intensification of color in your blooms and grass blades if you opt to use a seaweed fertilizer.
Seaweed fertilizers are
becoming extremely
popular among gardeners
concerned about safety.

type of seaweed fertilizer is often sprayed on the leaves in the early morning or around sunset. Liquid seaweed fertilizer can also be diluted and applied directly in the soil. Usually the ratio is one tablespoon of the seaweed fertilizer to one gallon of water. It seems to work best when misted on or sprayed on plants. As stated above, it is always best to spray seaweed emulsion on plants early in the day when evaporation is the lowest so that the plants can enjoy the maximum benefits from the application.

Gardening experts who use this type of fertilizer recommend applying it once or twice a month during the growing season. The first application should be when plants are first leafing. The second application should be when buds are forming and then once a month thereafter. . By using this safe and effective form of fertilizer, you can make a difference by being a good steward of the earth. You can also protect the health of your family, as well as your neighbors. And letís not forget your pets.

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